Focus Today.
Fear Tomorrow.

Welcome to the Grvbhub Page

This webpage has been made to keep up with the things I (Grvb) do. A simple summary of things I like can be read below.

This is more than a webpage...

This site was created for people that follow me and enjoy what I like as an aesthetic, music, and to get more updates on.
This will be up as long as I live and will prolly be my final area to say whats on my mind before the bliss I will enter in the future. That wont be happening for another good 30 years or so. Do NOT worry about that at all for now cause I aint planning on doing it anytime soon. There is a lot to see in this world I want to see before I get bored of it all, I think whoever is on this site reading should think the same.

Its what will be left

You are viewing what will become more in due time, but for now this is all I can offer and the things I do. So I welcome and thank you for stopping by this site.
What things you will see here will be linked below to view, I will try to keep it organized and aesthetic.